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TributeĀ® Equine Nutrition was designed and approved by Ph.D. Equine nutritionists with decades of experience and knowledge developing state-of-the-art, innovative equine diets.

Our fixed formula products are based on the latest research and are manufactured under strict quality control standards. Tribute offers competitively priced products designed specifically for your horse(s), whether a backyard friend, broodmare, stallion, young and growing or performance horse, from show ring to elite race horse.

No other feed line gives you the choices that Tribute offers:

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Wondering if Tribute Feed will work for your horse? Take a look at these Before and After photos from one of our customers. Her testimonial is below. Contact us or come on in to discuss your Equine Nutrition needs!

This is my horse Paddy. The pictures are before, after one bag and after two bags of senior Tribute.

I gradually worked him up from about 1/2 scoop twice a day to two full scoops twice a day. He also gets a scoop of soybean meal twice a day, and a handful of rolled oats with each feeding. He free feeds on hay in the winter and grazes on grass in the summer.

About Paddy, he is a 24 yr old Thoroughbred. I was his groom at ASD when he was 7 and then again when he was 9 and I took him home that fall. Paddy has never carried weight in his topline (I was even told this by a fellow groom when he was 7). And he has always been a 'hard keeper'.

As an older horse his demands become more and since finding out about Tribute I can relax and know that I can meet those demands.

I have NEVER seen Paddy look this good, his coat is amazing.

I used to drop one bucket for our two horses to share but the younger quarter horse does not need any extra! And they became very aggressive over it, something I have never seen before as well.

We have built an outdoor standing stall with no back so Paddy can go in and get his grain without having to share.

I would like to extend my Thanks to Tribute for allowing me to feel confident in caring for my Paddy.

Thank you

Rita Weare


Paddy (Before)


Paddy (After)