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Did You Know?

In Manitoba all Livestock Operations over 300 animal units are required by law to file a manure management plan.

These plans can be submitted by the producer or by Personnel that have Manure Management Planner certification.

Jim Hardy, the principal of Kaljent Ag Services is certified and is available to provide this service.



Kaljent Ag Services has teamed up with Masterfeeds to provide a wide range of Livestock Feeds for whatever species you have on your farm.

Serving All Sizes of Farm Operations

Whether you are an avid horseman, a hobby farmer, or a large livestock producer we have the feeds and supplements you require:

We also work with a number of suppliers such as Kane Vet, Triple M Sales, Floodway Animal Bedding, Winter Seeds etc. to provide you with the supplies you need, whatever the size of operation.

Pet Supplies Available

You can also find a wide variety of Pet supplies for that special member of your family. We carry the complete line of Masterfeeds Pet Food including our most popular:

Masterfeeds Pet Food

Animal Feed in Stock

We currently have feed in stock for the following species: