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Crop Production Services

In addition to Farm Operation services, Kaljent Ag. Services also offers Field Scouting; Nutrient Management Plan Preparation; Soil Testing and Crop Programming; and, Seed Sales.

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Manure Management Plan Preparation and Filing

In Manitoba, all Livestock Operations over 300 animal units are required by law to file a manure management plan. These plans can be submitted by the producer or by Personnel that have Manure Management Planner certification.

Jim Hardy, the principal of Kaljent Ag Services is certified and is available to provide this service.

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Pressure on Livestock Operations to Conform to Environmental Regulations

As witnessed by recent Provincial government regulations there is ever increasing pressure on Livestock operations to conform to Environmental regulations. As with many government regulations it can be a daunting exercise to provide all the necessary information.

At Kaljent Ag we have the experience and the knowledge to help you with your Manure Management Plan and submit it on your behalf.

As a neutral third party, we can deal with regulators, leaving your valuable time to other more important tasks.

Advice that Satisfies Current Regulations

In conjunction with our soil testing services you can be assured of advice that not only satisfies current regulations, but also maximizes the economic benefits and agronomic benefits using your livestock manure as a resource, not a waste product.

Even if you are under the 300 animal unit threshold, Kaljent Ag Services can help you get the maximum benefit from this valuable resource.