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Farm Operation Services

In addition to Crop Production services, Kaljent Ag. Services also offers Manure Management Plan Preparation and Filing; Feed Testing and Ration Preparation; and, Environmental Farm Planning.

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Soil Testing and Crop Programming

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Why Guess? Soil Test!

Soil Testing is one of the best tools producers have in their toolbox. How can you maximize profitability without doing an inventory of the nutrient resources on your farm?

Soil Testing is an excellent way of assessing you fertilizer needs. With today's high fertilizer prices, a soil test can help you spend what you need without making the fertilizer company rich.

Interested in Maximizing Every Dollar?

Kaljent Ag services has been soil testing since its inception in 2006 and has the experience of doing thousands of fields throughout the Interlake since 2006. We can take samples up to 24 inches deep and have the ability to GPS sample sites for future reference.

Zone soil testing and giving you information for Variable Rate Application is also an emerging soil test approach that producers are starting to incorporate into their systems. Kaljent Ag Services is there to help you, no matter what system you are working with.

Manure Resource Management

Livestock producers are also under pressure to track their soil nutrients closer and regardless of their size. Kaljent Ag Services can help plan your manure resource management, not only to maximize your resource, but also to satisfy the consumer and general public.

A Service You Can Trust

Principal Jim Hardy has over 20 years experience in soil testing, nutrient management, and crop planning. You can trust Kaljent Ag services to develop the right Nutrient Plan for your operation, independent of any sales pressure. You can then take that plan to the supplier of your choice and maximize the value to your operation.