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Farm Operation Services

In addition to Crop Production services, Kaljent Ag. Services also offers Manure Management Plan Preparation and Filing; Feed Testing and Ration Preparation; and, Environmental Farm Planning.

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Field Scouting

At Kaljent Ag. Services, we offer a full range of field scouting services:

Value of $5.00 / Acre

  1. Scouting will help in providing timely applications of crop protection products. By early weed removal there may be a saving of 10% of yield; savings of 10% of 40 bu/acre @ 5.00/bu = $20.00/acre savings.

  2. Scouting after post emergent application of herbicide may find results that may need correction. May need a second application because the first did not work for one reason or another. To not catch this for a month may cost another 10% or more and so value may be $20.00 /acre or more.

  3. Provide economical thresholds for applications of weed sprays, insect control and disease prevention. Value is maybe saving $15.00/acre for wild oat herbicide; value may be saving 10% of yield of Canola by spraying for bugs (i.e. 10%of 35bu @$7.00/bu = $24.50/ acre saving).

  4. Provide recommendations for crop rotation. Proper rotation may net another $15.00-50.00/acre profit.

  5. Keep records of application of crop protection products; add value to sale or rent of your land.

  6. Help in deciding which products to use to avoid resistance, watch for residue carry over for next years crops and to get the best return for the dollar invested.

  7. Have an independent agronomist working for you:


Potential return for a $5.00 investment may be $20.00 – 50.00/ acre or 600% return on investment.